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Access Control - without the damage

With today’s technology tracking access to your buildings is unobtrusive, damage free and simple.

Your environment is precious, the building of great importance! So any damage is not acceptable.

Having visible wires running internally or externally like crawling vines can surely not be allowed!

Appleyard security will take the greatest care of your assets!

The best solutions are those developed to fit the needs of your school exactly. So Appleyard will only offer the best.

Having worked with other schools we understand the problems faced. The need for security without the normal associated intrusive damage of building works.

Appleyard provide complete security solutions, including full perimeter, barrier access, fully integrated alarms with CCTV as well as security for building areas, suites, individual rooms.


view of a public school building gothic style listed type of building which requires no damage when fitting access control or security systems

Picture this; each main and outbuilding of your school totally secured. Full control over who can access which building and when. Full visibility of who accessed and when. Sound interesting?

  • No more keys to lose
  • Easy to commission and decommission cards from one central point.
  • Easy to provide time access to certain staff members
  • Easy to track entry times
  • Full accountability
  • Full security

All that with no damage structural or aesthetics!
This touches the surface, with each lock system fitted guaranteed you can rest assured that any mechanical failure will be covered.

secure, trackable Wi-Fi base access control systems

Appleyard security do not just fit the system we train you on it and help maintain the systems.

Offering a full service is part of our whole ethos, having attained the ISO 9001 we are proud to offer the highest quality of service.

With our access control systems you can secure your buildings, and individual rooms internally.

You may have a common room for staff only, this needs securing but not tracking, every member of staff has access.

You also have a server room, this needs securing and tracking both on entrance and exit.

This is easily achieved so that only certain members of IT and staff can access.

It would log the time entered and exit. This can also be set if there is a requirement.

The great part about our systems is the flexibility.

To see how effective our systems are, take the no obligation route.

We will lend you one of our locks to trial.

If you then agree with us take it step by step and secure just the most important rooms or buildings to start with.

Once you are happy and ready to take the next step add more.

We do not ask you to fit the whole school in one go, but if you secure the most important areas then you have peace of mind.

Centrally controlled: full control over the security system from a central location. Cards commissioned and decommissioned, full view of access, full track back of logs to see who entered when and where if required. Health and safety issues alleviated for a lone worker policy.

If you happen to be the person responsible for the well-being of your staff members, for the safety of the students during school then maybe you would like to discuss our wireless intelligent locking systems further.

We provide a no obligation discussion about what problems you may face. We know we can help!

So let us start by understanding your school, as to us you are an individual with your own requirements. This is never a one size fits all situation.

Do you have student accommodation which requires access?
How many times does a student lose their key entry key or room key. Or get a spare one cut just in case?
A key which you do not know about, this could cause a security issue later!

No need to worry anymore with an intelligent access control system one card opens the main entrance and the same card opens the students’ room, but only their room. The school knows who is in so also who is out.

Health and Safety, building fires accountability all taken care of with our systems.

A fire alarm sounds; everyone exits the building;

  • key points count and log everyone leaving the building.
  • Check against the log of who entered the building.
  • Immediately alerting if someone has not vacated the accommodation and where their last access point was.

Maybe one of these systems might just be the solution you are looking for. give us a quick call and ask for Mark

So to summarise

  • Security without compromising aesthetics
  • Complete control over who goes where without unsightly cables
  • Use one of our demonstration models on loan before you commit for peace of mind
  • Accountability and traceability for cardholders
  • Simple to use and administer
  • Your fire alarm system, CCTV and building systems management can be integrated
  • Makes life easier
  • Take the headache out of researching the best locking system for a multi-purpose environment
  • Trust us to find the best options for your needs
  • Tailor-made system so that its right for you


  • Adaptable during or post installation if your needs change
  • No need to start from scratch with a new system
  • You can leave trouble shooting of existing problems to us
  • Use our expertise to give you more time to deal with your own busy schedules
  • Peace of mind that we only supply robust quality products with proper guarantees
  • We ensure that you are fully compliant with Health and Safety Fire Regulations
  • Easy to maintain by you, with training and support to assist
  • Minimal disruption to classes
  • Takes minutes to install one lock
  • No need to replace a lock if a card is lost

Appleyard Security Ltd – a name you can trust! Why?

We can imagine that it can be very difficult to know whose advice to trust when security and cost are at stake.

Some of our clients have had so much conflicting advice from different sources that it seems very complicated.
As we cover all aspects of security and related matters you only need to consult us.

We have maintained our position at the cutting edge of latest developments and helped adapt/innovate new products for the market.

We routinely update our training and stay ahead of new regulations on all aspects that affect our work, unlike many others. The Appleyard business was first established in 1883 by family and as times have changed we have retained our reputation of trustworthiness and experts in our field.

We pride ourselves with our ability to offer the highest quality of service within the industry. Our reputation is excellent which is why most of our work comes from existing customers or recommendations.

Our maintenance and back up service is also second to none, as we are a small business which can respond quickly.

The image used is purely for dramatic effect we have not and do not purport to have fitted our security systems to Kings College Chapel in Cambridge we are only identifying our market and intentions for working with prestigious schools across the United Kingdom