What is CLIQ?

CLIQ is a revolutionary, highly secure, locking system which incorporates the use of electronic and mechanical locking mechanisms.


Potential Uses

  • Hospitals/Medical Centres
  • Commercial Offices
  • Government Facilities
  • Apartments
  • University’s
  • Schools
  • Museums
  • Casinos
  • Airports
  • Shops and Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Plants
  • Banks
  • Prison Facilities

What is CLIQ?

CLIQ is a revolutionary, highly secure, locking system which incorporates the use of electronic and mechanical locking mechanisms.




What it does
The CLIQ system makes it easy and convenient to prove who has opened a lock, where and when with its audit trail capabilities this information can be downloaded in minutes and be used to verify safety procedures or in extreme cases, ‘catch the thief!’

Different keys can be authorised to enter certain locations at specific times only, for example if a weekly schedule is in place for checks on a particularly sensitive piece of equipment, a window can be created. Whereby the key will only operate the lock between the window.

Quickly and conveniently cancel keys electronically. So that a lost key does not mean a need to change the cylinders, yet still remains totally secure.

Keys can be issued to service workers, who can only access the areas of a building they need to, and can be cancelled when their work is complete.

CLIQs cost effectiveness is demonstrated with the in key battery feature. The system runs of the batteries within the key meaning that it does not require complicated wiring in or changing of door frames. This also means that the long life battery within the keys can be quickly and easily changed when required to maintain the systems electrical input.

CLIQ can be configured to be a one key system, whereby one key can lock, unlock and be tracked across all locks within the secured building.

The system is multi-use and can operate in temperatures, from -30c up to 70c, and conditions being water and dust resistant.

The system can also be programmed to be sequence locked. In order to gain access the correct keys must be inserted in the correct order, another enhancement of the security features of this system.

The system can, and is used by a multitude of different sectors.

Some practical examples for the use of the CLIQ system are;

  • In hospitals or medical centres, CLIQ can be used to secure medicine cabinets and with its Audit Trail capabilities you will always know who has opened the cabinet and when.
  • In hotels where service personnel may be required. The system can be set so as to allow them access solely to the areas they need to be without a chaperone being required. When their job is done the key can be automatically stopped, without someone having to remember to get the key back.
  • The system can be used on container ships to secure the containers. So that should a container be opened the owner will be able to quickly establish, when the shipment was opened, where and by whom.
  • In industrial plants the system can lock down parts of the building and equipment that does not need to be opened. If it were to be opened accountability can be established quickly and easily.

There are many practical uses for CLIQ. Its main advantage over other locking systems are that it is convenient to use and maintain, cost effective. It also remains highly secure no matter how many times someone misplaces a key, and can be used in pretty much any environment imaginable.

How does CLIQ work within a lock?
The key and cylinder both have contact points. When the key is inserted into the cylinder and contact is made an electronic signal is sent to the cylinder which sends a unique code to the key. The key then encrypts the code and sends the response back to the cylinder, the keys response is then compared to the authorized lists within the cylinder. If the data matches the key is authorized and within the times specific the lock can be opened. If not the lock remains shut and a log is created for failed entry.

There are 3 different key types within the CLIQ system.

User  -> Audit Trail
Quartz  -> Audit Trail + Weekly Schedule
Quartz+  -> Audit Trail + Weekly Schedule + Extended Memory + Authorized Lock List

A Radio Frequency Identification Transponder can be attached to any of the 3 types which will give a 3rd party access to the system. ** NOT 100% sure on** This is known as SynerCLIQ
SynerCLIQ -> RFID (radio frequency ID) can be implemented to any 3 above.




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