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Hotel Door Lock Systems

Guests keep losing keys?

Or leave with them still in their pocket!

Worrying isn’t it as that room is now unsecure even when you’ve had a new key cut…

No we are not trying to scare you, just say it as it is. Appleyard Security is all about security and service. Holding the ISO 9001 we pride ourselves on providing service and advice. We are not here to tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear.

For the above scenario we have a perfect cost effective solution!

Hotel door lock system – Wireless access control systems.

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This newly patented concept uses Wi-Fi to avoid any hardwiring unlike other systems.

This alone can save you thousands in a large complex.

Many hotels have fantastic period features which causing damage to them through building works is not an option.

These systems negate the need for wires and building works. No need to plaster or decorate, a complete secure locking system for all rooms with no fuss or hassle.

No major down time for the hotel while the work is done. Only close a couple of rooms off while the main system is put in place, commissioned and fully tested then room by room add the locks and commission.

The hotel keeps running and the rooms still earning you revenue. Now that is a real solution to a problem!

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So why our hotel door locking system:

  • Instant two way communication between the front desk and the wireless online electro-mechanical locks on the bedrooms
  • Instant commissioning and decommissioning of cards by the click of a mouse
  • No more insecure rooms
  • No major disruption
  • Money saving, cost effective and secure
  • One door or a whole chain of hotels can be easily completed.
  • Fully compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act


If a room fails to close on the latch the front desk can be notified so the room can be checked straight away.

If a guest alleges something has been stolen from the room then an audit trail is in place to determine when the room was vacated that it did indeed lock then who was the next to enter.

It allows for the tracking of staff in and out of rooms. Cleaning can be monitored with health and safety measures in place as well as time management.

A member of staff can be traced throughout the day if required as to their movements, providing an extra level of security. Safety

Our hotel door lock systems are compliant with all regulations including the Disability Discrimination Act and can also interface with the fire alarm detection equipment to enable certain or all doors to release automatically on fire alarm activation.

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Our hotel door lock systems require very little maintenance in house, we do train the staff on the minor inspection which have to be carried out.

With our full support and maintenance program (advisory not obligatory) we are on hand to ensure that any issues are dealt with quickly and effectively.
We do offer a wide range of security to meet the full needs of a hotel these include, Alarm systems, CCTV, barrier control, access control, safes and a host of other security features.


Maybe one of these systems might just be the solution you are looking for. give us a quick call and ask for Mark

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